About Us

Envision Your Hair Care LLC was created in 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee from the personal hair challenges of Cherry Hunt, a naturalista with a profound love and curiosity for all things hair – hair products, ingredients, everything down to the elements and proteins that make up our hair structure. Her mother Dorothy, a cosmetologist with 15 years experience, is where Cherry's passion for healthy hair began. 


With a professional background in health science and chemistry, Cherry has studied biochemistry at Tennessee State University, a historically black university in Nashville, and health science at George Washington University.    Her issues with dry scalp, hair breakage, and experience transitioning from relaxed hair motivated Cherry to design a brand of products to increase hair growth, retain moisture, and improve hair strength. 


The vision of Envision Your Hair is to be a leading brand of beauty products that also contributes to the inner beauty of girls and women around the world by teaching and mentorship.